holistic radio
To live better lives we need to have better information

Danielle Lin, C.N., is a pathfinder—someone with the common sense, experience, inspiration, and wisdom to bring you life-changing information from the brightest minds in the world.

Danielle has worked closely with change makers and innovators for over thirty years. She’s a wise friend to them and to her listeners—connecting everyone to the best of what’s available and keeping tabs on what’s on the way so that her listeners hear about it first.

People in 117 countries tune in to listen to The Danielle Lin Show.

She’s a respected authority in the best sense of the word and has been at the forefront of many of the movements that have improved the lives of millions of people. Danielle can be counted on to be there in the middle of it all to find the better ways, the sustainable ways, the joyful ways of making a difference and living well.

Welcome to the place where the conversation changes you.

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