The Histamine Breakthrough

After thirty years in the nutrition industry, this seemed like the most extraordinary breakthrough in years. I couldn’t believe no one had brought this to light. But in Austria, where over 40% of the population has food intolerances, the research team at Sciotech Diagnostic Technologies found the answer to the question and the solution became a major breakthrough for human health. This life-changing discovery is shifting the way we view human health and digestive disorders. The natural enzyme is DAOsin. Turns out my own response to red wine was not just from sulphites or pesticides, but the imbalance we discussed about in this recent radio interview. Before you dine out, take your papaya pills, or avoid eating entirely, visit the sites that I have provided and listen to the podcast. You can learn about the foods, the protective supplements, and the easy lifestyle changes to help you feel better right now and forever. Start enjoying your life again…

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Has Red Wine Become a Headache?
Girl with red wine is taking hard decision

Have you ever wondered why you get a headache after drinking red wine, maybe an itchy nose from a tomato or banana, or feel bloated after eating certain kinds of foods?

Perhaps you’ve thought you had an allergy or food intolerance, but can’t seem to pin-point it, since it happens often—but not always. You felt fine when you arrived at the party, but by night’s end after nibbling at the buffet, you were bloated and not feeling great at all. And your first thought was, “It must be a gluten intolerance.”

I realize that the whole world has gone “gluten-free” crazy, but I am no longer certain that wheat is the main culprit in many digestive disorders these days.  But could there be something more? Something else that we have missed?
The truth is, that it may not be the gluten, so much as the things we have done to our wheat production. Studies are now showing that those who consume the ancient grains of wheat grown in accordance with Mother Nature do not experience the symptoms often caused by consuming products made with modern wheat.

So what could be the setting you off—especially if you didn’t even have the crackers! You just had some cheese and gourmet meat slices. And later, a small bowl of strawberries and made sure to avoid the cream.


Here’s the first problem. If every time you go out of the house with the worry of having digestive upsets, life will become less and less fun for sure. I know some of you are carrying digestive enzymes in your special case, and it’s still not enough. That’s why this is such important information for those of your that find yourself suffering and feel frustrated with no logical answers.

Well, here’s the good news. I can’t guarantee that I have the answer, but I do have the most the most up-to-date research in the field of digestive health and wellbeing.

Have you ever heard of histamine? Probably, since it is naturally occurring in your body. Antihistamines are what you take when you have a runny nose and scratchy eyes in spring.

But you probably never thought it could have anything to do with your bloated tummy or headache. Histamine imbalance could be causing more problems than you can imagine…right from what you eat and drink.

In the radio interview (above) with Dr. Janet Joneja from Vickerstaff Health Services, we talked about the overwhelming impact that histamine imbalance can have, including headaches, bloating, diarrhea, heart palpations, rash, itchy eyes, running nose—the list goes on.

The symptoms can be triggered by consuming too many histamine-bearing foods in one setting. Without the proper naturally-occurring digestive enzyme, diamine oxidase, you can tip the scale, the alarm goes off, and you feel the reactions. Simply put, this is an imbalance of histamine and the enzyme DAO in the body. For someone with histamine intolerance, this deficiency means that you’re unable to break down ingested histamine quickly enough. It’s important to note that this is not an allergy, but an intolerance.

But it’s not one you have to tolerate!

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