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You’ve heard the wise old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but did you know that an extract from the right apple can address a major health concern known as visceral fat? This can lead to an expanding waistline and bloated belly. Left unchecked, this kind of body fat can quietly unravel your health. So, apples are good for you, but if you want the most significant benefits, that’s where the story of “The Mother Apple” and Applephenon® changes everything.

Applephenon® is gently extracted from specially selected immature green apples, preserving the highest concentrations of rare and potent apple polyphenols. Grown on the land of the original apple in China. Clinical studies have shown that Applephenon® plays an effective role for antioxidant activity and weight glucose management. This discovery of this special natural ingredient is a profound breakthrough to improve digestion and trim down for all the right reasons.

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The Ancient Wisdom of an Apple a Day –Shaheen Majeed

Sacred Knowledge Meets Science to Improve Health
Guest: Shaheen Majeed, CEO, BGG Americas

The wisdom of having an apple a day now makes perfect sense. Recent studies show that a specific bitter green apple grown in China proves this insight is more than hearsay. Research indicates that natural polyphenols in a unique… click to continue

Glucose and Weight Management, Cardiovascular Health, Endurance, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant…

ApplePhenon® is a revolution in human health. Consuming the polyphenols and other nutrients present in ApplePhenon® leads to a variety of health benefits. In fact, there are seven distinct clinically-validated health benefits for ApplePhenon® as evidenced in over 50 proprietary studies costing over $15 million. Of the 50+ studies on ApplePhenon®, 17 were state-of-the-art human clinical studies using the gold standard of scientific research as double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. The science showing the healthful effects of ApplePhenon® really shines!

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From the Land of the Original Apple

ApplePhenon® is carefully extracted from specially selected immature green apples from Central Asia, the “Land of the Original Apple.” Using a proprietary gentle extraction process, ApplePhenon® from BGG preserves the highest concentration of apple polyphenols, strong antioxidant activity and an optimized profile of proanthocyanidins. Clinical studies have shown that ApplePhenon® plays an effective role in antioxidant, weight, glucose management, dental care, cardiovascular protection, athletic enhancement and allergy support. ApplePhenon® has been GRAS self-affirmed in USA and can be used in all food, beverage and dietary supplement applications.

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