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Life should be simple—uncomplicated—and enhance the quality of your everyday experience. That’s what Pines, the Wheat Grass People, believe. Staying true to this philosophy has built and eco-conscious company for over 40 years. We supply the most pristine wheat grass products in the world, in balance with Mother Nature.

Nurture your body. Get rest. Drink pure, clean water and pay attention to the season. That’s the Pines way: tending the fields, keeping life in mind, nurturing the soil, planting at the right time, and harvesting at the perfect moment.

Nothing is more natural than Pines Wheat Grass. Grown with care and love of life, our sustainable wheat grass and barley products are rich with the vital components your body can utilize to greatest potential.

Pines Wheat Grass is the invigorating choice for a refreshing, cool beverage, part of your favorite breakfast recipe, or a home-made nutri-bar for your body’s refueling.

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Sustainable Living Goes Mainstream –Ron Seibold

Changing Your Mind—Not Just Your Diet
Guest: Ron Seibold, Co-founder Pines International

If you thought that eating a Beyond Burger was all you had to do to prevent global warming, think again. As we address everything from water conservation to food distribution, solving the “Big” problems starts with the seeds we plant in our minds. From sustainable… click for more

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Plant-Based Diet Reaches All Time High

Going Green Has Never Been This Easy
Guest: Ron Seibold, CEO, Co-Founder Pines International  

With type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease on a dramatic rise, it is no surprise that people are looking for new options to stay healthier and improve their lives. Over 500,000 persons in this year alone committed to becoming vegetarian. Why is it that… click for more

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Ron Seibold: Plant-Based Diet Is Changing Our World

Listen in before you make another smoothie! 
Guest: Ron Seibold, Co-Founder of Pines International, Inc.

Whether you are eco-minded, watching your weight, or seeking to keep your energy up during your day, green superfoods are topping the list to get you going on all counts. When Pines International… Click for more

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The power of Pines Wheat Grass

Go green the organic way
Guest: Pines International Co-founder Ron Seibold

There is nothing more magical than the fresh scent of morning dew and the moist earth holding the magnificence of an entire field of organic … Click for more