Danielle LinCreator and host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program, The Danielle Lin Show: The Art of Living and Science of Life, Danielle Lin, C.N., has been a leading voice in conscious media for over 30 years.

Remember when transformational books were only published in garages, when no one on talk radio discussed health, wellness and spirituality, when it was hard to find “health” food in a grocery store, when succeeding in business was disconnected from doing good in the world, and when the words “yoga,” “organic,” and “consciousness” were rarely heard?

So how did these good things go mainstream?
It happened through the dedicated efforts of those who were swimming upstream for a long time. Danielle was one of those strong swimmers who set the pace for change, shaped the conversation, and inspired people to improve their lives.

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Danielle was there at the very beginning and remembers the first 12 people at a “natural products expo” looking at each other with enthusiasm, hoping, but not knowing if people would care. Wouldn’t they?

Danielle got busy leading the way in the soy industry (if you’ve heard of Tofu, she had a lot to do with that) and she got frozen vegetarian meals into stores everywhere for the first time. Vegetables for dinner? Radical.

Danielle continues to influence and curate, searching for the best things to share. She explores the new frontiers of what’s possible and pushes the boundaries. Now the conversation is about love being a force in the world that can transform everything. How can we do that? How can we seed tolerance and compassion? How can conscious business become the norm?

Now that we understand more about our bodies, what are the best technologies, supplements, and practices to love them and ensure a long and healthy life? How can we be innovative in the ways we care for our families, our communities, our world?

I appreciate the way Danielle talks about the things that matter to me. Listening to her show is like a visit with a friend you can trust.An inspired listener

Every week Danielle’s curiosity drives her to find those with the brightest minds and the clearest vision to share practical insights about creating a healthier and more prosperous world and a better life. Join her as she explores our world through the change agents, rabble-rousers, big thinkers, instigators, peacemakers, inventors, and visionaries of our time–to go beyond reporting the change–to creating it.

Danielle has been at the forefront of the shift to holistic living for decades and she’s still leading the way.

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