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Best Medicinal Spice Oils for Diffusing – Dr. Cass Ingram

Protection, Restoration, Preservation
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Master Herbalist and Osteopath

From ancient civilizations to modern times, medicinal spices and spice oils have played a significant role throughout history for both culinary and healthful living. The value of aromatic… click for more

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Dr. Cass Ingram: COVID’s Deep Dive and How to Stay Safe

Anti-Septic, Anti-Viral, and Immune Boosting Spices 
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath, Master Herbalist 

From black seed to Oreganol™, cinnamon to clove, spices can play a significant role in your health plan when used with the right knowledge and application. This hour brings you… click for more

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Dr. Cass Ingram: Maximize Your Immune Potential

Updates on the Coronavirus for Ultimate Health 
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath, Master Herbalist

Understanding how to protect and optimize your body’s natural defense force is the key to staying healthy and immune-strong. Dr. Ingram is on the front lines gathering… click for more

Cass Ingram Oregano Immune Wealth & Wisdom
Dr. Cass Ingram: Immune Wealth & Wisdom of the Ages

Essential Keys to Optimal Health & Protection 
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath, Master Herbalist

Building a healthy immune system is not a trend that started in Non-GMO, going green, or KETO dieting. It’s a science and an art. For over 5,000 years, this practice has been cultivated by the great masters… Click for more

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Dr. Cass ingram: Immune Activation with Wild Essential Oils

Mother Nature’s Superpowers
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath, Master Herbalist, and Wilderness Doctor

If there was ever a time when we needed common sense and direction, this is the moment. The most up-to-date research shows that wild-grown essential oils and… Click for more

Dr. Cass Ingram: Wild Oregano is a Potent Antiviral Agent Against Virus

Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath, Master Herbalist
April 9, 2020 Coronavirus Update

By what business is this world shutting down? Why are all people in such a panic? What is the human race doing in quarantine? What is the basis of all this pandemonium? Certainly, there has been much death and despair associated with… Click for more

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Dr. Cass Ingram: Coronavirus, Part II—Supercharge Your Immune System

Beyond Hype to Practical Advice 
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath 

Coronavirus is spreading around the world. Our intention on The Danielle Lin Show is to keep you informed on how to build a robust immune system, to keep you healthy and prepared… Click for more

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Dr. Cass Ingram: Coronavirus—Get the Facts to Protect Yourself

The Best Way to Build a Strong Immune System
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath

The threat of a global virus is becoming more and more likely. Airport screenings are … Click for more


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Dr. Cass Ingram: Charging Your Immune Power to Protect Your Life

Action Steps to Get Positive Results 
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath 

There is no longer a cold, flu, or allergy season. Twelve months a year, your immune system is defending you from … Click for more

Dr. Cass Ingram: Cold and Flu Prevention and Relief

Oregamax and Oreganol to the Rescue
Guest: Bestselling Author Dr. Cass Ingram, The Cure is in The Cupboard

The CDC recently reported that we are in the middle of one of the worst cold and flu seasons to date. The good news is… click for more

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Dr. Cass Ingram: Hemp for a Great Night’s Sleep

The Healing Benefits of Rest
Dr. Cass Ingram, osteopath

If you’re waking up exhausted after a full night’s sleep and not getting the kind of deep rest your body needs… Click for more


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Dr. Cass Ingram: Immune-Boosting Benefits of Wild Chaga

The Innate Healing Power of Mushrooms 
Guest: Bestselling Author Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath

The use of this versatile fungus started with indigenous Siberians, who used it for stews, soups, and daily beverages. It went on to a long history… (click for more)

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