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Beyond Hype to Practical Advice 
Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath 

Coronavirus is spreading around the world. Our intention on The Danielle Lin Show is to keep you informed on how to build a robust immune system, to keep you healthy and prepared to fend off this or any virus. I am always on the search for products and tools to foster prevention and protection, as well as strengthen and support your wellbeing. People ask me all the time, “What do you do as part of your daily life to stay healthy?” Each week we offer a pathway to navigate your health and road to healing, expanding, and thriving. This hour is about what I am doing personally to strengthen my body’s defense system. It is also about science, common sense, and decades of experience in the “wellness” space, from one of the most prolific osteopaths in the world. Dr. Cass Ingram and I are tracking effective methods to help you stay well. This podcast offers you essential information and vital knowledge about useful and necessary natural components that can help you thrive. It will provide a significant understanding as it relates to the power of antioxidants, detoxification, and ingredients that build strong pillars for total wellbeing. 

Most important to remember is that fear weakens your immune system!
Relax, sleep, and hydrate. Listen to part I of our interview here.

Products and Information Highlighted in the Podcast

Book by Dr. Cass Ingram: The Cure is in the Cupboard
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Purely-C – Wild & Raw
PolarPower – A & D


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