Is your company developing products to support healthy weight loss and coming up short…looking for a distinctive ingredient to stand out in the multi-billion dollar diet and lifestyle marketplace…you may already know about the natural ingredient – fucoxanthin…derived from seaweed

Internationally branded as — Thinogen

This specially sourced ingredient has a unique combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammmatory activity… what you may not know… is that fucoxanthin has been the
subject of over 300 additional medical studies for its benefits with eye and brain health…liver and kidney support…including clinically validated studies for cardio-vascular and anti-aging…

Thinogen’s proprietary ingredient from BGG World is proven highly effective for reducing abdominal fat (which science now shows can be extremely injurious to human health)… sustainably sourced and processed with impeccable care and guaranteed consistent benefits that you and your customers can rely on…make a decision…to make an imact…with thinogen!

Healthy weight…healthy life

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