The TravelSana® Mission:

To design the highest quality and fast-acting natural supplements to enhance your travel experience. Our international scientists and specialized researchers scanned the globe to identify highly effective nutritional ingredients for improving well-being and human health. Each product supports and addresses commonly known symptoms experienced during short or long-haul business travel and personal journeys. Our natural dietary supplements in convenient packaging offers all travelers a comprehensive solution to ensure you stay healthy, focused, and relaxed.

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Travel Tips for Safe and Healthy Journeys –Dr. Andrew Myers

Being Your Best Anywhere, Anytime 
Guest: Dr. Andrew Myers, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer of NutraGenetics

If you are planning to travel this season for business or pleasure, take along the wisdom that is packed in this hour to ensure the best outcomes. With seventy-four percent of Americans planning to fly domestically and fifty percent heading out internationally, that could mean crowded airports… click for more

Stress Relief: Calm Down with TravelSana®

If you’re human, you have stress…
Whether driving in traffic, navigating airports, meeting business deadlines, or even vacationing…Most of us have too many obligations, and live by schedulers just to stay in balance. Stress damages the mind and body; it burns up vital energy; can be exhausting—even impact how you think. Fortunately, the founders of TravelSana kept that in mind when they created Stress Relief, a fast-acting natural dietary food supplement for travelers, addressing mild symptoms of mental stress… to be calmer, more focused and feel better throughout your day. Combining their extraordinary passionflower extract, along with B6 and B12, Stress Relief is the perfect combination to promote the relaxation response, cut mental strain, to address feelings of apprehension and nervousness…Stress Relief is fast acting. 

In easy convenient stick packs…Toss in your bag.

Make life easier…
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Peak Power: Experience the dynamic benefits of Zynamite® – Mango Leaf Extract

It’s astounding how precise Mother Nature can be when it comes to our health. In our rapidly moving lives, where daily routines and travel can involve juggling multiple tasks, adapting to new work environments and managing escalating demands on the mind and body…

Supporting brain function becomes critically essential. 

A recent clinical study in healthy adults revealed that a single intake of Zynamite® mango leaf extract enhanced cognitive function throughout the 30 minutes to 5-hour post-dose compared to a placebo. Participants significantly increased their ability to focus, long-term memory, with extended performance related to computer tasks. TravelSana®’s Peak Power containing Zynamite® helped to boosts mental and physical stimulation, with a unique ability to improve brain oxygenation while increasing reaction time during physical activity—All while being caffeine-free, safe and effective.

1 easy-to-use powder stick without water is the best partner you could have to be on your game. Gluten-, wheat-, and lactose-free—and even better—it’s vegan. 

Smart as you can be…at your very best anywhere, naturally.

Count on being the most effective when life calls.

Boost Mental and Physical Stimulation
• Enhances attention and reaction time.
• Increases physical performance and recovery.
• Improves brain oxygenation during physical activity.

Recommended: for adults and children over 12 years of age, sprinkle 1 powder stick in the mouth without water, when needed.

• During intense travel schedule to maintain high concentration level.
• When engaged in activities under physical stress conditions. 
• Caffeine-free
Convenient travel packs are designed for all climate zones.

Support when you need it the most.

For more about Peak Power, click here.

The Benefits and History of Mango Leaf

The mango tree is one of the first fruit trees cultivated in ancient times with the date palm. The mango tree is native to the tropical forests of India, Pakistan, and Burma where it still grows wild today.

Sleep Well: Get the rest you deserve when you need it! 

Do you find lately that you are having a hard time falling asleep, or traveling into different time zones, struggling to get the rest you need when you need it? As we age or experience increased stress, especially crossing different time zones, it’s easy to get out of balance and feel the side effects of jet lag or life’s overload. A good night’s rest is essential for those upcoming meetings or effectively taking advantage of the special vacation time you’ve set aside for inner peace or that grand expedition. TravelSana®’s Sleep Well product contains all natural ingredients, scientifically researched to work synergistically to immediately address symptoms at the root cause. TravelSana®’s Sleep Well—fast-acting nutritional supplements—is also highly beneficial to support those of you who have irregular work cycles, helping you to fall asleep just when you need to and increase sleep quality. Effective, fast-acting results that make a difference, so you can be your best, anywhere, naturally.

Improve your sleep cycle
• Promotes natural sleep.
• Helps you fall asleep faster.
• Improves sleep quality.
• Designed to counteract the undesirable effects of jet lag.
• Addresses disrupted and restless sleep situations, like tossing and turning or feeling only half-asleep.
Wake up rested and ready to enjoy life!

A natural dietary supplement made with passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), melatonin and vitamins B6 and B12.

Recommended: For adults, sprinkle 1 powder stick directly in the mouth without water, preferably close to bedtime.

Convenient Travel Pack: 1 pack of 10 powder stickers, designed for all climate zones.

For more about Sleep Well, click here.

A note about sleep cycles and Melatonin

Melatonin is especially recommended for people who travel frequently and change time zones. An intercontinental trip may interfere with sleep cycles, for those people who often suffer from jet lag symptoms. In this case, taking melatonin can help improve sleep, both to help fall asleep and to increase sleep duration. Melatonin can also be interesting for people working at night with irregular work cycles.

Immune Activator: Increasing the body’s defense when traveling

So, you’re heading out of town. Preparing for business or vacation travel can be stressful, and stress decreases your immune power. Whether planning your schedule, checking in at airports, or being exposed to climate zone changes, these new demands lower your body’s ability to operate at optimum levels.

Increasing your body’s natural defenses helps you to have the necessary protection against common health nuisances and aids in reducing the duration of discomforting conditions. 

Ensuring the necessary nutrients to alleviate common symptoms of immune system deficiency will protect you from fluctuations in health, boost your body’s natural defenses, and maintain your overall well-being. Immune Activator from TravelSana® is a dietary supplement with beta-glucan from a yeast known for its immune-stimulating power. Immune Activator also includes Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, zinc, selenium, and folic acid. 

Easy to pack, simple to use, and loaded with… peace of mind. 

At your best…anywhere, naturally.

Fast-acting immune booster
• Protects against viral and bacterial infections.
• Helps reduce the time span of infections.
• Protective when your immune system may be challenged by different climate zones.
• The defense you need under stressful situations and planning your travel arrangements.
• Supports staying on schedule with heavy a work overload.

Researched and Refined
Beneficial ingredients feature potent natural beta gluons, including:
• Vitamins A, C, D, selenium, and zinc support the immune system.
• Vitamins B6, B12, C, and Folic Acid reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Recommended: For adults, take 1 simple capsule when you need it.

Convenient Travel Pack: 1 blister of 10 vegetable capsules, designed for all climate zones.

Immune Activator — A science-based dietary supplement specifically designed to support your body’s defense system. For more about Immune Activator, click here.

Why did we select the finest Beta-Glucans?

What do Beta-Glucans do?
Present on the walls of oat, barley, rye ,and wheat seeds as well as in certain mushrooms,
Beta-Glucans have been subject of numerous scientific studies on nutrition and health over
the last 20 years. 

Daily Circulation: Stay Healthy While You Travel—Support Healthy Blood Flow

Whether traveling for business or as part of your next great adventure, you should be aware of the health risks associated with sitting for long periods. Supplements for blood flow and circulation may help reduce the risk of vascular issues during travel.

Learn more here.