Are Your Nutritional Supplements Working?

It’s Not What You Take; It’s What You Absorb
Guest: Serena Tongiani, Ph.D.

Knowing if you are getting benefits from your nutritional products can be a question mark. Getting positive results is everything when it comes to addressing health and vitality. Many leading and essential ingredients marketed today take a lot of …click for more

Enhancing the Power of Phytonutrients


Take on a key role in the emerging prevention model to contrast and delay the onset of various health conditions and access phytonutrients’ endless benefits with Phytosome, Indena’s Technology Platform to make natural compounds more effective. To improve people’s health.

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What’s the Issue? Bioavailability!

Despite their potential for promising health benefits, botanical compounds often show poor water solubility and limited intestinal absorption, which usually hamper any significant oral bioavailability.

For optimal bioabsorption, natural derivatives must have a good balance between hydrophilicity (for dissolving into the gastro-intestinal fluids) and lipophilicity (to cross lipidic biomembranes). 

Thus, the key aspect is not the mere amount of active principle that can be delivered into the body, but the “optimization” of its bioabsorption – allowing the appropriate quantity of natural compounds to release their optimal potential in terms of health benefits, in compliance with the original phytochemical profile of the selected natural derivatives.

Phytosome™ at a Glance

Phytosome improves the effectiveness and target reach of a wide range of natural compounds. This means:

  • Optimized bioabsorption of many phytonutrients
  • Tailor-made for selected natural compounds
  • Supported by numerous rigorous scientific studies
  • Food-grade dietary ingredients only
  • No synthetic additives or adjuvants
  • High-quality of industrial scale production
  • Nanoparticle-free
  • Safe and well-tolerated over time
  • Suitable for formulation in all the most common dosage forms
  • IP and proprietary know-how available
  • An effective delivery system, based on decades of experience and pioneering innovation by Indena
PHYTOSOME Is the Solution!

Phytosome – a proprietary Technology Platform developed by Indena – is the breakthrough 100% food-grade delivery system that optimizes the bioabsorption and pharmacokinetic profile of many natural actives, allowing our body to absorb them in the best possible way, compared to non-formulated ones.
Today, it is the most reliable and customizable solution in the nutraceutical field. 

How Does Phytosome™ Work?

Phytosome is formulated with natural dietary ingredients already existing in the human body (phospholipids) that act as vectors dynamically reducing the self-aggregation of natural compounds.

However, phospholipids tend to aggregate as well in the absence of natural compounds that interact with them, disturbing and preventing this process. 

Indeed, bi-directional actions are required for natural compounds and phospholipids to mutually avoid packing that would reduce absorption by the human body. Hence, a system in perfect balance forms, in unique and specific ways depending on the natural ingredient.

This system – Phytosome™ – is a “functional solid dispersion”, and allows natural compounds to efficiently interact with the gut ecosystem in terms of absorption and microbiota interactivity.

It thus optimizes bioabsorption without relying on pharmacological adjuvants or structural modification of the ingredients, maintaining tolerability and safety over time.

Behind Phytosome™, there’s Indena

Indena combines 100 years of phytochemical expertise and botanical experience with state-of-the art technological equipment and constant efforts towards quality. This has allowed the company to produce Phytosome formulations at scale while still guaranteeing the natural component’s matrix can be replicated, controlled and verified batch after batch.

Over the years, Indena has pursued a continuous evolution and refinement of the original Phytosome, creating the most extensive scientific literature available on the subject.

An incredible intelligence delivered globally in over 4 billion servings, able to enhance the power of nature and the effectiveness of phytonutrients. To improve people’s health.