ERICKSON Savesta sweater couple 350 pixelsSEX, LIBIDO AND VITALITY

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times 

Guest: Sherry Erickson. Having a vibrant sex life is all about having great health. For thousands of years, healers and shamans have understood the importance . . .

gardenia linked in 350 pixelsSLIM DOWN WITH GARCINIA

Guest: Sherry Erickson. While slimming down and losing weight is really about a lifestyle, not a diet, this fascinating supplement looks to be offering a way to boost your efforts all the way around. . .

ashwagandha 350 pixels savestaASHWAGANDHA: THE GREAT REJUVENATOR OF LIFE

Guest: Sherry Erickson. The queen sat upon her throne and bestowed myriad blessings upon her realm. Ashwagandha is the gift she offered to empower life. Used for thousands of years . . .

boswellia saves 350 pixels buddhaBOSWELLIA: THE GREAT REJUVENATOR OF LIFE

Guest: Sherry Erickson. Turn pages in history books, uncover lost teachings, or peruse the archives of the 5,000-year-old medical system Ayurveda, and you will find nature’s gem . . .

Moringa savesta 350 pixelsTHE AMAZING BENEFITS OF MORINGA

Guest: Sherry Erickson. Once you learn about the amazing qualities and benefits of organic leaf moringa from Savesta, you’ll be a believer! The powerful superfood, grown in the Himalayan foothills, has risen to the top of the list with its highly . . .