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Too Many Supplements to Choose from? – Shaheen Majeed

Clearing False Notions and Quality Myths 
Guest: Shaheen Majeed, Worldwide President of Sabinsa Corporation 

After standing in front of the vitamin shelf at the natural products store the other day, I realized how confusing it could be when you have at least five companies offering their brand in any given category. How do you know… click for more

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Turning Off Harmful Stress Keys – Shaheen Majeed

Adapting to a New Kind of Normal 
Guest: Shaheen Majeed, Worldwide President of Sabinsa Corporation

If you feel anxious, stressed, or are not sleeping well, this hour offers relief. As we travel the Ayurvedic path for 2021, Ashwagandha is the Queen Mother on the journey. Why start here? Because this herb’s… click for more

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Why Am I Taking Zinc and Selenium?

Calling in the Experts
Guest: Shaheen Majeed, Worldwide President, Sabinsa Corporation 

After just about every other advertisement for immune health was screaming to add zinc to my diet, I wondered how you would know which one would work the best? Can you get enough from… click for more

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Shaheen Majeed: Calm and Balance with the Science of Ayurveda

Guest: Shaheen Majeed, Worldwide President of Sabinsa® and Sanutra® Wellness

Are you trying to stay healthy in this current climate—or any time? If you feel stressed, burned out, not sleeping well, or concerned about your immune health… click for more

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Dr. Majeed Foundation is Making a Difference in Human Lives

Dr. Majeed Foundation Distributes 5,500 Rice Bags to Needy Communities in Karnataka, India

Disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have caused hardship across the world, with the poorest people in India hit particularly hard. With the objective of helping to alleviate food insecurity, the Dr. Majeed Foundation gave 5,500 10-kg bags of rice to the people of… click to continue

Sabinsa Lactospore
Danielle Lin, C.N. Interviews Sabinsa’s President, Shaheen Majeed

“The Sabinsa Way” —impacting the world for the good

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Danielle introduces Sanutra Wellness Curcumin C3 complex

Curcumin C3 Complex® w/BioPerine® (500mg)

  • Curcuminoids from Curcumin C3 Complex® are powerful antioxidants.
  • Curcuminoids from Curcumin C3 Complex® relieve temporary joint inflammation and pain that may occur after overexertion during intensive physical activity.
  • Curcuminoids support overall wellness and good health.
  • BioPerine® improves the absorption and bioavailability of curcuminoids.

Learn more at:

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Breaking the Fat Loss Code with ForsLean®

Guest: Shaheen Majeed
President Worldwide for Sabinsa Corporation

Tired of running on the treadmill, denying Are you tired of running on the treadmill, denying yourself gluten, and watching calories to lose weight? This is the perfect time… click for more

Anurag Pande, Ph.D.: Decoding the Differences Between Curcumin and Turmeric

Guest: Anurag Pande, Ph.D.
From cognitive health to the common cold, gummies to protein shakes, turmeric ranks as one of the most sought-after nutritional… Click for full interview

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Shaheen Maheed, President: Breaking the Fat Loss Code with ForsLean®

Guest: Shaheen Majeed
President Worldwide for Sabinsa Corporation 

Tired of running on the treadmill, denying yourself gluten, and watching calories to lose weight? Researchers have uncovered… Click for full interview

Anurag Pande, Ph.D.: Probiotics 101—Listen Before You Buy

Three Things You Didn’t Know That Will Surprise You
Guest: Anurag Pande, Ph.D., VP Scientific Affairs, Sabinsa

Have you ever felt confused when shopping for a probiotic? I certainly did. With such a crowded category… Click for full interview

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Danielle Lin, C.N.: Why is LactoSpore® So Unique?

Click for more information about LactoSpore®, the superior probiotic

Play the audio link to hear Danielle Lin, C.N. talk about LactoSpore®:

More information at: and

World Summit Countering Violence Extremism
Mandar Apte, Deepak S. Sridhar, and Shaheen Majeed: World Summit for Countering Violence and Extremism

Reinvigoration Compassion and Nonviolence 
Guests: Mandar Apte, Executive Director from India with Love, Deepak S. Sridhar, Director, Strategic Partnerships, From India with Love, and Shaheen Majeed, President, Sami-Sabinsa Corporation

In our short time on this planet, we all have an opportunity to make a difference. Whether you are a lover of the plant kingdom... Click for more

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