Balancing Life from the Inside Out –Michael Schwartz

Guest: Michael Schwartz, Naturopath, Bestselling Author
Founder of Michael’s Naturopathic Programs  

You have undoubtedly heard that extraordinary times call for exceptional measures. So, where do we begin when so many threads of the baskets seemed to have frayed in every direction? Great saints and sages have offered wisdom from ancient knowledge... Click for more

Michael Schwartz naturopath
The Return to Naturopathy Brings Body Balance –Michael Schwartz, ND

Applying Natural Practices to Health and Wellness
Guest: Michael Schwartz, Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of Michael’s Naturopathic Programs

Tracking back in history, we find that natural healing practices were some of the most effective tools for what commonly ails us. Antibiotics, vaccines, and allopathic medicine play a key role in addressing acute diseases... Click for more

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