Pines Wheatgrass Ron Seibold plant-based diet

Listen in before you make another smoothie! 
Guest: Ron Seibold, Co-Founder of Pines International, Inc. 

Whether you are eco-minded, trying to lose weight, or seeking more energy to keep up in your day, research shows that green superfoods and a plant-based diet are proven to be the smartest choices for you and our planet. When Pines International launched the “wheatgrass” category in the natural products industry in 1976, they continued the vision that Dr. Charles Schnabel began on the same farm in 1932. At that time, most people were still eating processed food and just discovering organics and mega-vitamins. The market has undoubtedly changed since then. Navigating the field can be challenging with so many products on the shelf. The hour is straight from the farm and what you need to know before you shop for sustainable green foods and reliable products that work. 

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