Plant-Based Living is Changing Our World –Ron Seibold

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Pines Wheatgrass Ron Seibold plant-based diet

 Listen in before you make another smoothie! 
 Guest: Ron Seibold, Co-Founder of Pines International, Inc. 

Whether you are health-conscious, weight-conscious, or simply seeking to boost your energy levels for a more productive day, incorporating green superfoods into your diet is a “must” to lead a healthier life. When Pines International introduced the first branded, organically grown wheatgrass in 1976, few people understood the life-enhancing benefits of this whole food and its natural mega-vitamins. Today, a small group of organic farmers is changing the world one blade of grass at a time. Pines products are remarkably pure and nutrient-dense, to help allow for better choices for you and our planet.

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