Why French Women Don’t Get Fat –Mireille Guiliano

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The Secrets of Eating for Pleasure
Guest: Bestselling Author Mireille Guiliano,
President and CEO of Clicquot, Inc.

Stroll on the Champs-ElysĂ©es, or people-watch at any cafĂ© in Paris, and you will notice an astonishing number of slender women.  If you have ever wondered how with rich and creamy food… Click for more

The Art of Being Psychic –June-Elleni Laine

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Developing the Skills to Accelerate Your Life 
Guest/Author: June-Elleni Laine
Author, Spirit Artist, Gifted Intuitive Guide

“Wisdom sits on the edge of consciousness” 

Creative, intuitive, and practical is a rare combination on the journey to self-discovery and inspired living… Click for more

The Earth Keeper Alliance – Adam Hall

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Undeveloping the Future
Guest/Author: Adam Hall

As I read page after page of Adam C. Hall’s offering, I found myself holding my breath…with life breathing through me. The exquisite account of a human being fully expressing himself is the ultimate experience of the soul… Click for more

Lochlainn O’hAimhirgin: Heart Disease — Breaking the Code with Omega 7

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Guest: Lochlainn O’hAimhirgin

Science continues to probe deeper into the cause of heart disease on the race to save lives. Is it possible that we are closer than ever to real answers and real transformation? Understanding the destructive nature of plague and how to undo and even prevent this silent killer is a major discussion in this hour… Click for more