The Stress Effect –Richard Weinstein, D.C.

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Connecting Meaning, and Good Health
Guest: Richard Weinstein, D.C.

It’s a wild world, and stress is part of life. Knowing how to balance and manage is the best way to prevent long-term damage. From headaches to weight gain, hair loss, and inflammatory conditions, Dr. Weinstein says it starts with the basic knowledge that everyone needs to know. Discover the best foods and natural supplements and how to keep cortisol in check. This hour builds a platform to stand on, with facts that can save your life and help you thrive.


  1. I think this will be a true life saver all my life (70) yrs I’ve had health issues especially with stomach fat . I’m definitely requesting the saliva test. I think it’ll be a life saver. Thank you for the info . Patricia Dhuy

  2. All my life I’ve been a mess. I’ve always thought it was in my genes. My mother and grandmother have had the same issues, weight, aches and pains. I think Dr Weinstein’s book can help me break this cycle

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