Balancing Life from the Inside Out –Michael Schwartz

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Michael Schwartz

Guest: Michael Schwartz, Naturopath, Bestselling Author
Founder of Michael’s Naturopathic Programs  

You have undoubtedly heard that extraordinary times call for exceptional measures. So, where do we begin when so many threads of the baskets seemed to have frayed in every direction? Great saints and sages have offered wisdom from ancient knowledge, and seers throughout history have predicted these times as we seek and search to make sense of the complexity of uncertainty. The best part of these times is that you have time. You have had a pause to feed your soul, find the path to climb above the wild chatter. There are sacred tools to prevent getting lost, losing your light, and being caught in the temporary distortion. This hour was so inspiring for me. I hope you will take a cup of tea, catch a deep breath, and spend a few minutes off the grid and onto a new vision. Michael Schwartz is the perfect Sherpa to help you climb the mountain to see the clear view. 

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