Stephen Heuer, B.S.: Burn Fat, Increase Energy

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Stephen Heuer Synergistic Whey
Synergistic Whey Green Mountain

Benefits of Green Meadow Whey Protein
Guest: Stephen Heuer, B.S., Nutripath, Founder of Synergistic Nutrition

What if you could increase muscle mass, feel less tired, and have quality protein to help strengthen your immune system…How great would that be?

There’s nothing new about whey protein. In fact, it has a powerful history with proven results. The problem is most has been over-processed, over-marketed, and hard to digest. Tesla Energy Enhanced Green Meadow Whey is uniquely produced; rich in important amino acids and nutrients that your body needs every day. 

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If you are not dairy-free, this could be a perfect option. 

Check out some smoothie recipes, packed with whey energy!

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