Ancient Technologies Unlock Psychic Abilities –Dean Radin, Ph.D.

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SuperNormal Dean Radin

Science, Yoga and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities
Guest: Dean Radin, Ph.D.
Director of Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences
Author of bestseller Supernormal

People from all walks of life and stature have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 5,000 years. Noetic Scientist Dr. Dean Radin suggests that we are ever closer to unleashing evolutionary triggers that hide behind our doors of perception. Working with these ancient tools can help us access supernormal powers such as intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Radin’s work expands our point of view to ponder human potential from a new perspective. 


Visit Dean’s website:
or the Institute of Noetic Sciences:


  1. Hi Danielle !
    Excellent direction! I love it when science puts “these things” into a palpable language. Thank you for having Dean Radin on your show.

    And thank you for your wonderful ability to bring these dialogues forth, interact with these thoughts, cultivate the ground for their far reaching access! Shall we call you a ** “Dialogist”, (an out of the box) Esoteric Dialogist…? What shall we call you? A person who “matters the conversation”… ie, brings “these far-reaching things” into far reaching conversations…? A Dialogistic Intersector…haha…
    How about simply, Danielle Lin?! Anyway…

    And thusly, we create a better world…

    Sincerely and playfully,
    Julie Matthews
    February 6, 2022

    ** Dialogist pronounced with a “hard G”

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