Foods That Spice Up Your Life – Chef Daniel Orr

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Fruit pancakes Chef Daniel Orr

Our Hero and Guest: Chef Daniel Orr
Author, American Farmer, and Restaurateur 

Over the past nine years, world-renowned chef Daniel Orr has joined us during the holiday season to share his spectacular recipes and wisdom for how to start the new year on a healthy path. This year when we reached him, we learned he and his mom had both contracted the COVID-19 virus. Anyone else would likely have canceled our interview—but not this vibrant soul. Nothing was going to stop him from spreading his heart’s message and love of food. You will hear his story told with a tired voice spiced with a spirit that always shines through. Check out his fab cookbooks and organically grown spices from their 4th-generation farm. 

Add some spice to your life this year! 

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