Sheila Gillette / THEO: The Voice of Angels, the Power of Channeling (Pt. 1)

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The Tools for Ultimate Expansion
Guest: Sheila Gillette, Channel for Theo, Bestselling Author

If you have been questioning life, or asking for some divine intervention to help you on a deep spiritual level, set your dial to this frequency and tune in. Living to your highest potential can sometimes feel like a muddy road, but what if you could access ultimate knowledge and receive direct insight to support your inner transformation? What if the Universe is waiting for your call and ready to deliver vital wisdom to clarify the path? Thousands of people worldwide have experienced this empowerment with Theo’s Teachings and Soul Integration. 

This two-part series will provide the seeds to plant your new future. 

**The second hour (Part 2) will be a live session with Theo online at

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