A Whole New You in 20 Days –A.D. Dolphin

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A Make-over Like Never Before
Guest: Aman (A.D.) Dolphin, Co-founder of DHerbs.com, maker of Full Body Cleanse

Detox and refresh your body. Clear your mind of negative input, reset your vibration, and prepare to get back to a remarkable life. You get to choose. Now is the time. You won’t believe these words until you experience the profound and rapid shifts with this unparalleled combination of perfect herbs in harmony and balance. Soothe your soul, shrink your belly, and reset your optimistic nature. 

It’s easy to do and exhilarating! You’re going to love it! 
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  1. Thank you Danielle!
    I was reaching out (energetically, to the Universe) for what cleanse shall I do. I felt my body asking for a blood cleanse, and I knew I had to be careful in what I chose to do. This will work for me. (A.D. Dolphin) I trust your research and your own repeated experience of use of his product – Because I know this is something for me to commit to for the rest of my life.
    So nice and wonderful to cross paths with you. Thank You for calling me. Listening to your show this morning, is bringing an answer that I was looking for. I appreciate your commitment to humanity’s health and well being! The Love inside you just oozes out… and I’m sure reaches so many others aware of the need to reset with ourselves, in all arenas – We Who are aware of the importance for us to individually “Be the Reset We Want To See!”
    You’ll really love Michael Ryce! I’m excited for the alignment of your knowledge and experience bases to come into harmony and integration (similar resonances) to reach out yet another arm of loving support, both for ourselves, and for the true humanity We Are!
    Julie Matthews
    FYI: Here in Medford Oregon, radio station KMED AM 1440 and FM 106.7 this morning, Sunday, January 30, 2022, we are hearing your show from 6-8:00am, like it has always been before.

  2. what products are FDA approved fror ceramides that i can buy for anti aging signs? Are supplements better thatn powder>

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