Nicholas Harmon: Knock Out Those Winter Blues!

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Verilux Nicholas Harmon

Don’t Let the Dark Days Get You Down
Guest: Nicholas Harmon, President and Chief Happiness Officer 
at Verilux®, The Healthy Lighting Company® 

If the shorter days of winter are getting you down and life isn’t all that bright, maybe it’s time for the positive benefits of “light therapy.” Sunlight plays an essential role in a healthy lifestyle by regulating our sleep/wake patterns. When you consider most people’s daily habits, we spend a lot of time indoors. During the winter months, many of us get out of work when the sun has already gone down. For this reason, it’s important to bring light therapy into your everyday wellness routine. HappyLight® therapy lamps are proven to enhance your mood, and energy, as well as improving your sleep and focus. Light Therapy is also a widely recommended treatment to reduce symptoms of both seasonal and non-seasonal depression. 

Shine the light and get that smile back! 

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