Dr. Santiago Rodriguez: Aloe: Mother Nature’s Natural Healer

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International Aloe Science Council
IASC aloe

From Immune Support to Skin Hydration 
Guest: Dr. Santiago Rodriguez
Chairman of the Board of IASC
President/CEO of Lorand Laboratories™ 

Ancient texts reveal the power the revered aloe plant has had for thousands of years. From burns and digestive benefits to sacred beauty secrets, the exquisite gel and soothing juice offer your body significant support for a higher level of health. With increasing usage and mass-market distribution, it is important to understand how to identify authentic aloe vera. There can be a huge difference in grade, efficacy, and effectiveness. 

This hour shares the standards set by the International Aloe Science Council. Look for the seal to find the best!

More at IASC.org

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Look for the IASC seal for
guarantee of quality aloe ingredients

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