Immune-Boosting Benefits of Wild Chaga – Dr. Cass Ingram

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Dr. Cass Ingram Osteopath Hemp Sleep

The Innate Healing Power of Mushrooms 
Guest: Bestselling Author Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath

The use of this versatile fungus started with indigenous Siberians, who used it for stews, soups, and daily beverages. It went on to a long history with ancient cultures who saw its value in the prevention of degenerative diseases. This mighty mushroom is breaking new ground into mainstream awareness.

Its properties deliver benefits for everything from healthier skin to a powerful antioxidant. Dr. Ingram is a world master on the history, medicinal uses, and high value of the specific properties of wild chaga for everything from physical stamina to long life. This hour is a mashup of hemp, wild chaga, and wild oregano—an encyclopedia for better life.

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