Ron Seibold: The Power of Pines Wheat Grass

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Pines Ron Seibold

Go Green the Organic Way
Guest: Pines International Co-founder Ron Seibold

There is nothing more magical than the fresh scent of morning dew and the moist earth holding the magnificence of an entire field of organic wheat grass. It’s a rare sight in the world these days, but when you see it sprouting up from the rich glacial soils on Pines Farm, you know you are about to be blessed. This potent and powerful nutrient-dense, dark-green superfood is the only one in the world like it. Nothing compares! Don’t underestimate the relationship with Mother Nature and the wise men that plant seeds for life. This beautiful story of real farmers with big hearts is worth a listen! If you are going green, do it with The Wheat Grass People you can trust. 

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