I’m so glad you took the time to visit, because I want to share an unexpected experience that I know will be worth your while. Every so often in doing my radio show, I make a discovery that validates for me, that the time spent is truly worthwhile. I am always looking for the nugget…that gem in the pile that maybe no one else has discovered, to bring back and share with my friends and listeners. Which is why after 30 years of broadcasting, I still never feel tired of pursuing genius when it comes to how to live the incredible life.

About eleven days ago or so, I received an email that quite literally delivered a brilliant gift into my life, so that’s why I am writing you. It was from a company I have never heard of, with a line of products that once reviewed, I realized I had received a blessing.

They made contact with me just about the time I had returned from a two month road warrior sojourn…for those of you who travel a lot, you know that means too many cups of Chai tea at Starbucks and meals that happen when they can…and for me…the occasional gluten-free opportunity.

I’m not sure what we unravel with the new blog, but it’s another step in connecting with you and those of us who are lifting above mediocrity. Perhaps a way to stretch our perceptual boundaries together, into new areas of awareness for personal transformation.

So back to the cleanse. My best friend and I started on Monday, August 13th. The cleanse is the easiest thing I have ever done in this category. After packing the clothes that were a bit too tight after two months of travel…the thought of a diet or drinking lemon juice was way too unbearable…which is why I knew my Angels had sent DHERBS to me. There was no way I was sucking down liquid, fasting or eating portioned food just to get back on track.

So here’s the bottom line. We want to invite anyone reading this to start this journey. If you have been feeling burned out, bloated, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or have too many pounds around your middle…Or feel loaded with coffee, sugar or too much meat…then come travel with us…We are looking for those of you who are ready and we would love to blog your experience. I know it may sound crazy…but my consciousness is even higher…whatever that means…What’s in these pills anyway? Just kidding. All I know is that if you will kindly check out DHERBS, they will kick you back a 10% discount if you want to join me. The thought of it ending is bumming us out, so at least we can carry on with your stories if you’re open. I’ve lost the 8 pounds I gained, Jill and I are jamming in business and I know it sounds weird, but all these incredible synchronicities have occurred since we started. So what you do think?

We are excited to connect with you…Here’s to the ride of a lifetime!