Purple corn was once a sacred crop to the ancient Incan civilizations. Now, hundreds of years later, it is grown commercially in its native land of Peru. Historically, it was valued for its use as a natural colorant for foods and beverages, as well as for its role in making a popular drink called “chicha morada.” Today’s markets still acknowledge the more traditional uses, while research into the health benefits of this particular type of corn have made it a sought-after ingredient in the functional foods and supplements markets, as well. Researchers have discovered the significant role of purple corn and its effects on cellular health, obesity, diabetes, inflammation and vascular integrity. These health benefits are largely tied to purple corn’s high content of anthocyanins, the antioxidant-rich color pigments that give it its dark purple color. In fact, purple corn has one of the absolute highest levels of a particular anthocyanin—cyanidin-3-glucoside—that has been attributed to a number of significant health benefits in humans.

Fun Fact: Offerings of purple corn were given to honor athletes just prior to their sacrifice to Incan gods!


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Artemis Purple CornGuest: Leslie Gallo, President
Leslie Gallo was appointed president of Artemis International in February, 2019. Leslie has been an executive at Artemis International since 2004 and was previously vice president of operations. Over her 15 years with the company, she has had hands-on management responsibility for all facets of the business including finance, key account development, product line expansion, global sourcing, marketing, research, and day to day operations of the company. She has been deeply involved in identifying the extraction and drying technologies required to produce the finest, most trusted flavonoid-rich ingredients in the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage marketplace.



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About Artemis International

Artemis International specializes in darkly pigmented berries, including elderberry, aronia, cranberry, black currant, tart cherry, blueberry, and bilberry, as well as unique products like purple corn. All are high in anthocyanins and other flavonoid compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and other health properties. A pioneer in dark berry research, Artemis makes highly effective nutraceutical ingredients for use in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. Founded in 1995, the company also develops proprietary formulas to meet targeted healthcare needs, using research-validated bioactive compounds.

Artemis is a leading supplier of nutraceutical ingredients, fruit fibers, powders, and concentrates for use in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. It is best known for its #1 leadership position in the U.S. elderberry market and its high-quality, standardized anthocyanins from deeply colored berries.

In addition to flavonoid-rich fibers, extracts, powders and natural colors, Artemis offers other unique flavonoid sources like Purple Corn as well as a branded line of PhytoSolutions™ – proprietary formulas developed using research-validated bioactive compounds targeted to meet specific healthcare needs.

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