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What if you didn’t have to get sick?

Immuna logo small scienceAnderson Global Group is proud to bring Immuna™, an immune-enhancing β-glucan ingredient, to the North American market. AGG has partnered with Norwegian manufacturer GlycaNova AS to offer their highest-quality β-glucan nutraceutical. Immuna has been shown in human trials to optimize immune system modulation. The unique and patented production methods create a very stable, yet active bio- ingredient. No preservatives are added at any point, and it is free from pesticides, solvents, heavy metals or other toxins.

Due to the efficacy of the ingredient, only a small daily dose of Immuna is necessary to initiate enhancement of the immune system. Immuna is stable in most food and supplement applications, requires a low dose and is more cost effective than other β-glucan ingredients. Immuna contains the bio-active component Lentinan, which has been shown to elicit such biomedical effects such host defense potentiation and immune system stimulation. Immuna is GRAS status in the US.

Immuna is a patent-protected ingredient and is compatible with most food and beverage systems with no effect on organoleptic properties. Immuna is well suited as an immune stimulatory ingredient to various foods and beverages as it imparts no flavor or odor onto the food product.


For more information: Glycanova.com

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Guest: Dr. Emi Hosada
A board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, Dr. Emi Hosoda has a degree in Molecular Biology and post-graduate education in Holistic Health and Functional Medicine. Working with a full spectrum of healing modalities from conventional, complementary, allopathic therapies and integrative medicine, her long lineage of respected physicians is carried forward with her thriving private practice focused on wellness and women’s health care. She is also a hospital care specialist working with acutely ill patients in a large medical organization in the Pacific Northwest

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We know what you want: unique raw materials that elevate your brand above the competition. But just being unique isn’t enough. Raw materials need to be safe, effective, proven and at a price that allows you to deliver value to your customers.

The team at Anderson Global is equipped with talented industry experts in supply chain management, marketing and manufacturing. We tirelessly scour the globe in search of innovation from GMP manufacturing partners and choose to represent only the best ingredients. Current technology partners such as Solutex, CJ Foods, Pharma Base, Japan Bioscience Labs and Inovo Biologic have entrusted AGG to deliver their quality raw materials.

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