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The Fibregum™ product line provides all-natural dietary fiber based on 100% acacia gum. With 90 % fiber content guaranteed on dry weight, Fibregum™ is the choice ingredient for fiber fortification of finished products. Fibregum™ is clean label—and, because it is 100% vegetable, GMO-free and available in organic grades, highly appealing to consumers.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the numerous health benefits of Fibregum™ on digestive health and its prebiotic properties at a daily dose of ten grams.

Fibregum™ is the perfect natural, healthy, and convenient solution to meet your clean label requirements.


  • Proven prebiotic and bifidogenic effects
  • Stimulation of beneficial Short Chain Fatty Acids production
  • High digestive tolerance up to 50g/day¹
  • Suitable for low FODMAP diet. FODMAP Friendly certification in progress
  • Gut barrier restoration
  • Glycemic control²
  • Tooth remineralization³: Tooth-friendly tested
  • Low caloric value

About James LaValle, R.Ph., C.C.N.
James LaValle is a nationally-recognized clinical pharmacist, author, and board-certified clinical nutritionist. After serving thousands of patients over 15 years at the LaValle Metabolic Institute, an interdisciplinary and integrative medicine facility in Cincinnati, he went on to found the Progressive Medical Center in Orange County, California. James is best known for uncovering the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from feeling healthy and vital. He is the bestselling author of 20 books, most recently, Your Blood Never Lies and Cracking the Metabolic Code. He was named one of the “50 Most Influential Pharmacists” by American Druggist magazine.

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About Nexira

Founded in 1895, Nexira is a global leader in natural & organic ingredients and botanical extracts for the food, nutrition and dietary supplements industries.

Nexira built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum and now manufactures a wide range of natural products with recognized health benefits. Its portfolio of products includes highly functional and nutritional ingredients, and active botanicals for digestive health, weight management, stress management, sports nutrition and cardiovascular health.

Nexira operates on five continents, with six companies, eight manufacturing plants and an extensive network of partners in more than 80 countries.

Organic certification adds even greater value
With the increasing demand for natural and high quality products, traceability, and environmental responsibility, the market for organic products is growing significantly.

With its history of seeking natural sources and its heritage of uncompromising quality, Nexira is well positioned to serve this new generation of consumers.We offer a full range of organic products certified by ECOCERT, which also complies with NOP standards.

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