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Relief You Have Been Aching For –Francesco Di Pierro, Ph.D.

New Study Shows Meriva® Curcumin Phytosome Addresses Inflammation at Source
Guest: Francesco Di Pierro, Microbiologist, Ph.D. (Immunology)

From joint, hip, or knee discomfort to classic signs of aging, inflammation is stealing lives worldwide and taking its toll in daily life. Many people are turning to nutritional supplements in hopes of finding relief... Click for more

Meriva®: Addressing Oxidative Stress and Free Radical Damage

There is nothing more important than your health. I am sure you have heard that before. It’s an easy thing to say, but navigating the path to wellness and balance can take years of trial and error to know what works best for your body and lifestyle. Especially if you are living with aching or sore joints. That’s where Meriva® comes in, combining science and mother nature. Meriva® from Indena addresses oxidative stress and free radical damage at the source with superior bioavailability—reliable and effective—so, you can feel the difference.

With 36 clinical studies (and ten years of research), Meriva® represents the greatest breakthrough in curcumin in the world. Independently endorsed by the Cleveland Clinic, containing natural active components that modulate healthy inflammatory response signals and support for ache management, so you get the relief you need. Guaranteed results and consistent quality, from Indena, Celebrating 100 years committed to improving the quality of life.

Meriva®…the relief you have been aching for. For more information, visit and you can find Meriva® under these quality brands from Jarrow Formulations, Thorne Research and Wakunaga.

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Achy Joints and Morning Stiffness? –Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D.

Unlocking the Power of Curcumin Phytosome with Meriva®
Guest: Author Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D.

The balance between Mother Nature and science is delicate for sure, especially when it comes to drugs vs nutraceuticals. The breakthrough research surrounding Meriva® bioavailable curcumin will help you to realize how uniquely different raw ingredients can be... Click for more

Meriva®: For Addressing Discomfort at the Source

Meriva®…what a beautiful name for a nutritional supplement that can make such a powerful difference for your health. Joint inflammation and osteoarthritis can prevent millions from living a healthy, pain-free life. If you suffer from aching, discomfort, and joint stiffness, you know what I mean. Clinical benefits of Meriva® were proven in three long-term studies addressing the difficult-to-treat chronic inflammatory conditions osteoarthritis and uveitis (inflammation of the inner eye). Developed through a proprietary formulation combining phosphatidylcholine and curcumin, Meriva® has been proven more bioavailable, and therefore more effective—and that’s good news for you. Look for Meriva® on the label. 

If you use standard turmeric, shift to the very best!
Meriva®, the quality you expect for your life…from Indena.

For more information, visit and you can find Meriva® under these quality brands from Jarrow Formulations, Thorne Research and Wakunaga.

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Millions of people worldwide are turning to more natural lifestyles by purchasing nutritional supplements like zinc and vitamins A, D, and C, while still wondering what science has to say about the most beneficial support you need right now. The real question is: What works?A recent study published in the scientific journal Nature documented impressive benefits from Quercetin®, a phyto-nutrient found in specific fruits and vegetables. The literature refers to the Quercetin Phytosome®- Quercefit®. This hour offers you profound research and clarification for making effective choices for optimum health and wellness. 

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