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EnXtra logo small scienceEnXtra™, made from Alpinia galanga, is a DNA-authenticated, stim-free energy ingredient that provides fast, effective and safe energy with no crash. In a 53-person, double-blind, double-dummy human clinical trial, EnXtra™ was shown to improve mental alertness & acuity for up to five hours without increasing heart rate or blood pressure. EnXtra™ can be used as a replacement for caffeine or used with caffeine to prevent crash and prolong benefits. EnXtra™ is easy to formulate with, water soluble and has a pleasant taste profile.

  • Non-GMO
  • Halal
  • Water soluble
  • GRAS
  • Non-irradiated
  • DNA authenticated

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Guest: Mark JS Miller, PhD, MBA, FACN, CNS
Dr. Mark Miller has made significant contributions as both researcher, entrepreneur and marketer in the fields of health & medicine. For three decades, he was an elite biomedical researcher & medical school professor. Driven by broad curiosity and a remarkable ability to find new ways of understanding & managing health and disease, he has made major contributions to multiple areas of medicine & science. He remains a passionate advocate for sharing better information in order to make better decisions & achieve superior outcomes.




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About ENovate Biolife

ENovate Biolife offers innovative, scientifically validated, branded botanical ingredients that help position your brand for success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We have dedicated ourselves to lead the innovation cycle of nutraceuticals by intersecting current market demands with the best possible solutions. Each batch of EnXtra™ is rigorously tested for active content, heavy metals, and microbiolgical contaminants to ensure purity and safety. EnXtra is free of pesticides, allergens, and perservatives.

Distributor: AGG – Anderson Global Group
Anderson Global Group is an Irvine, California-based supplier of the world’s best dietary supplement and functional food ingredients. The knowledgeable team at Anderson Global tirelesly scours the globe in search of the very best GMP manufacturing partners, and chooses to represent only the best ingredients. Founded in 2004, we continually drive innovation by delivering unique raw materials that are supported by compelling human research.

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