Femarelle three women smallLove. Live. Embrace With Femarelle

Feel like yourself again with Femarelle

As a woman, you know that with each passing decade your body changes. A little more belly fat, thinning hair, and sleepless nights; with your sex drive and zest for life going right out the window. Learn how…

Femarelle Nachtigall woman smallLosing my mind, or estrogen decline?

If you are a woman between the ages of 40 and 50 and feeling out of sorts, you are probably not going crazy. You are most likely experiencing symptoms caused by the decline of estrogen. Less estrogen can show up as…

Panties vaginal health Femarelle Prevention
6 Things You Must Do To Take Care Of Your Vagina At Every Age

Boost your sex life, lower your chances for uncomfortable infections, spot early signs of cervical cancer, and more. The full article, published by Prevention magazine, is here.

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