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Niall Gibbons Victoria Jones portraits Ireland

Falling in Love with the Land and Life
Guests: Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland
Victoria Jones, Executive Director, DC Radio Company 

A week from now, I will be touching down to travel the mystical and magical land of Ireland. Invited by Tourism Ireland for the Fill Your Heart with Ireland festivities, I am looking forward to bringing you back a taste of its deep history and grand legacy. From flutes to fairies, food to faith, the folklore and legends of this sacred land have captivated hearts for thousands of years. Kingdoms have come and gone throughout the country’s rich history, but the desire to connect with the Irish soul continues to yearn in the hearts of travelers hungry for a deep taste of life.

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It is a fascinating perspective to see how Ireland has developed into a super modern country with a high-tech hub, growing financial center, and a young and hip population. It’s also one of Europe’s most exciting food and drink cultures, as well as a destination for adventurers.