Steven Lamm Pycnogenol
Doctor Steven Lamm suit pycnogenol

How to Increase Focus, Memory, and Prevent Burnout
Guest: Steven Lamm, M.D.
Medical Director, Preston Robert Tisch Center of Men’s Health, NYU

If you find that recalling information is a bit more challenging these days, or a name or two slips away just after you have met a new person, don’t jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with your brain. But knowing the facts for supporting cognitive health is something you’ll want to remember. Memory decline can begin as early as 27 years of age. With stress, uncertainty, and change happening faster than ever before, this hour is a must. Discover vital nutrients that increase blood flow and the natural ways to proactively fuel cognition. Find out how to keep your memory intact for every decade to come. Don’t forget! 

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