The Christmas House –Georja Skinner

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Christmas House georja skinner
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How One Man’s Dream Changed the Way We Celebrate Christmas
Guest: Author Georja Skinner

Even though the Great Depression was long ago, one man’s vision lit a fire that still burns in our hearts today. The Christmas House is the story of dreams, the true meaning of the holiday season, and how the ritual of magical lights is more than simply decorations. It proves that dreams can come true.

Happy Holidays!

The book is available at Amazon.


  1. I absolutely love this book! I bought it in 2005 and every few years I read it again. I will say to myself- I need a good dose of The Christmas House! It never fails to warm my heart and touch my soul. I love the unfailing optimism of George as well as the father/ son team. Reading about the closeness these two shared brings me a joy I cannot explain. I think everyone should know this story, it’s truly beautiful.

  2. Thank you Danielle for this interview and your having me on your show all tjose years ago! I stumbled on the podcast in searching for hard cover copies of The Christmas House…and here you are!

    Additional thanks to Theresa Corwin and Kathleen Burt, or your kind comments on my book. May you and yours have a beautiful and joy filled holiday season. May all your dreams come true — Georja Skinner

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